Drumming Website for Greek Drummer Panos Vassilopoulos


Take a look at this physical products  , for  the lovers of the analogue world :-)   ,that I have produced some time ago.

Most of these are available for sale online from major music sales companies  , and I will be providing the links  below , however  if you would like more info on all of these DVD's as a set , then contact me directly at the social links at the bottom of the page ! 

OSTINATO & POLYRHYTHMS DVD  (click on the title for purchase)

Using a drumkit that incorporates more than eight foot pedals, Panos presents a polyrhythmic approach to the instrument, through various multipedal foot ostinatos and advanced four-way independence. 

This DVD provides an in-depth look at the concept of ostinato and its applications on the modern drum set. 
Special Features:

  • Lessons on multipedal foot ostinatos

  • Presentation of the ground-breaking Duallist pedals

  • Lessons on subdivisions

  • Many technically challenging solos

  • Polyrhythmic applications

  • Live performances

  • Music notation and *.rex files for the examples shown on the DVD

A STEP FURTHER DVD  (click on the title for purchase)


Designed to be used as either a standalone educational aid or in combination with it’s prequel DVD Ostinato and Polyrhythms, this double-disc set contains a multitude of performances and examples, taking the viewer through a series of advanced examples on both acoustic and electronic multipedal drum kits, focusing on multipedal ostinatos and extreme independence. 

Chapters include: 

  • 15 minute open solo on an acoustic drum kit incorporating 8 foot pedals and Sky Toms.

  • Bass drum development exercises (ostinato applications plus the double stroke roll)

  • Multi-limbed subdivision and grouping examples incorporating 4 and 5 different simultaneous layers.

  • The double clave (using a 2 bar clave on the left foot against a 1 bar clave on the right foot, while improvising on top with even and odd note clusters), plus the quadruple clave! (4 different tempo claves performed simultaneously!).

  • Performances on new arrangements of Steve Weingart’s tunes ‘Market Place’ and ‘5 mile groove’ each featuring a new drum solo section.

  • Melodic drumming applications on the Roland TD20 Vdrum kit.

Aimed for the intermediate to advanced player.